More and more people lead a sedentary lifestyle and spend hours hunched over their computers. Unfortunately, this behavior causes a poor posture, back pain and other health problems. Poor posture affects back muscles and chest muscles, making good posture feel like a tension. An imbalance between weak chest muscles and weak back muscles may result in pain and discomfort.

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That is why in this article, we would like to show you five effective yoga poses, which may help fix your posture, strengthen your chest and back muscles, soothe and prevent back pain. Health experts recommend performing these yoga stretches regularly at the end of working day to see changes in no time. In order to practice these moves, you need a yoga mat and two yoga blocks! Are you interested? Scroll down to read more about these poses.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#1. Prone twist with block (Perform two repetitions per side)

You will love this yoga position! It is good for all fitness levels. If you feel that this stretch is too intense, you may rotate your thighs less. In order to adjust the intensity of the stretch, roll your hips forward or back.

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#2. Double block lying cactus (Five breaths)

This exercise can help you relieve back muscles. However, if the block underneath your ribs is too high, you can use a pillow instead. Don't forget that you do need to have some lift under your back to fully stretch your body.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#3. Puppy pose with blocks (Five breaths)

This pose can help you stretch your arms and shoulders. If you don't feel tension in your chest, try to expand the blocks a bit. If this pose feels like too much, rest your hands on the ground.

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#4. Revolving forward bend with block (Perform two repetitions per side)

Perform this pose, in order to strengthen your lower back and hamstring. If the stretch in your back is too intense, you may bend your knees a little to increase your focus on the chest. It is possible to perform this position without the block.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5. Half moon with block(Perform two repetitions per side)

If you want to challenge yourself, try this stretch. It requires core balance, stability and awareness. If you want to improve your balance, practice this position with your back arm and leg against a wall.

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The BetterMe Team is by your side throughout your fitness journey! Stay motivated and you can achieve your goals. If you are struggling with your motivation have a look at one of our many articles for inspiration.

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